Yemisi Taiwo – TV STAR, where is she now?


I am Yemisi Taiwo. I was formerly Yemisi Fajimolu. I hail from Osun State but everyone calls me Misi Molu. I was at the American International School, Lagos, attended the Atlantic Hall, and was at Bellerbys’ College, Hove Brighton, England and the University of Buckingham, where I read International Studies with French. I’m in my early 30s.
Growing up
It was exciting. I was born in Lagos. There were nine of us in all and there was never a dull moment. I love fun, I love to laugh, hang out with my friends. I’m very hardworking.
Life on television
My attraction to television has always been due to my personality—I’m a ‘people’ person. So, I thought of what better way to reach out to such a large part of the people I love and I realised that I can be a part of such a medium of communication that reaches out and touches so many lives and homes. Television is forever going to be a part of my life, whether in front of the screen or off the screen or behind it. Unfortunately, my father passed away and he never saw me on television. I know that initially, he would have been hesitant about it but after having seen me, he would have been very proud! He always knew I didn’t like the norm and was very supportive and proud of me.  My mother is happy for me and loves what I do.
Life as On-Air Personality
I love radio! I started off at Beat FM but anchoring the first edition of Nigerian Idol took me away from radio. I will definitely go back to radio someday. It is something that I enjoy and still miss. After Nigerian Idol, I decided to take a step back from television and concentrate on revamping my public relations/events management company. That’s been a challenge, but rewarding at the same time. It’s been amazing fun planning gorgeous and fabulous parties. But  I am back on Silver bird Television now where I anchor a new personality interviews, entitled ‘Guess who?’

Marital life
I got married a few months back but it has been absolutely wonderful. I love being married. It is the happiest moments I have experienced.  My husband, Ladi, is a wonderful man. He is quiet but retrospective. He is my perfection as I am his. I met him at Ember Creek, Lagos, four years ago. I was with a friend and we went there to unwind after the debut Elite Model Nigeria show.  As we sat down, a young dark and handsome man just walked up to me and we became friends. My mother-in-law, Mrs. Taiwo Taiwo, founder, the Aart of Life Foundation, is an incredible being! I was almost put off marriage before I met my husband due to the horrors of mothers-in-law I had heard. But I definitely drew the lucky straw because she is much fun to hang out with. We chat like girlfriends and she is like a lovely second mother to me. I have a lot of admiration for her.
I am not a fashion victim and I wear what I believe will look fabulous on me. I don’t go with the fad because not everything in vogue suits everyone. I always find a way to incorporate what is best for me. I love pretty dresses and sexy shoes! I love the pastels and the pale hues—they make me feel so feminine and flirty! Really, that’s what every woman should be.
Beauty routine
My glowing skin is hereditary, I took after my mother. I don’t practise any special routine. I just applymoisturisers and sunscreen in the morning and I wash off my make-up before going to bed. When I am not on set or hosting any event, I steer clear of make-up. I don’t take my skin for granted.
I tend to indulge a lot. That is one of my weaknesses but I detox when I am uncomfortable.

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