Nollywood actor and model IK Ogbonna is no stranger to us all. We know he is a man of style who goes about town without a stutter in his strut because he doesn’t apologise for who he is. We have all come to know him so well that his tattoos and earrings have become a pleasing sight to our eyes. We also know of his Colombian, wife, Sonia and son, Ace – a beautiful family. While some may feel IK is not the ideal father figure with all his tattoos and earrings, the actor’s got news flash for you. IK-Ogbonna


Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna was born on the 11th of January . He is the 2nd born in a family of four children and He has two sisters and one brother. He stands at an impressive  6ft2 inches  and he has the right frame to carry his height! He has sexy brown eyes that any woman worth her  salt will gladly get lost in. Simply put he is pure eye candy, or like the ladies say ..He is raw sex served smoking hot!

He is fondly called “Tattoo boy” or Ik by his friends and fans because of the beautiful artwork which adorns his princely, well built, Six packed, warrior standard frame.


“Who invented earrings?” he asked when asked of the moral behind wearing earrings. “God didn’t create earrings but girls are wearing earrings. These are things that people created overtime and then it became a norm and then people accepted it. So someone shouldn’t just look at you and say “Oh you’re a man, you shouldn’t wear earring. If you feel comfortable wearing earring, wear earring and worship God. If you feel comfortable having a tattoo, have a tattoo and worship God. There are people that don’t have tattoos on their body but they preach hate, they preach lots of hate,” he said “So let people focus more on major primary issues instead, and not IK Ogbonna’s tattoos and earrings. I’m going to keep my tattoos and earrings for as long as possible. I might even give my son an earring to wear” he added.

Nollywood actor cum model IK Ogbonna who is married to a Colombian, Sonia Ogbonna, has revealed that his wife speaks Igbo language. Not only does his wife speaks Igbo within a short time that they have been together Sonia is also a polyglot. Sonia speaks eighteen languages. In an interview with New Telegraph IK Ogbonna described his baby mama turned wife below: “My woman is God-fearing. She is very intelligent; she speaks about 18 languages. She is a fast learner, already speaking Igbo. She is someone that believes in positivity, she doesn’t allow any form of negativity in our relationship. We don’t fight; we are like best of friends. Most of the time, we put aside the fact that we are in a relationship, we are very good friends, and we go out together. We do everything that I will probably do with my home boy,” IK Ogbonna gushes about his wife.

The actor also spoke about what his wife does “She is doing her masters. She is an interpreter. She works with people in government. She is also a life coach. She coaches me through life and I listen to her a lot. “ IK revealed that Sonia will relocate to Nigeria when she completes her masters. “Definitely, as husband and wife, she will have to relocate here at some point. But for now, we have not made any definite decision on that. She has to finish her masters, which is very important. We have to look for what’s best for us and decide on that. “ IK and Sonia got married on June 27 in Belgrade, Serbia after the birth of their son, Ace on June 2015.


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