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 Tope Alabi, also known as Ore ti o common, and as Agbo Jesu (born 27 October 1970),[1] is a Nigerian gospel singer,[2] film music composer[3] and actress.[4]

Alabi was formerly a member of the Jesters International comedy group.[5] She later worked with other popular travelling and stage theater groups in both Ibadan and Lagos. She made films in the Yoruba film genre of Nigeria.[6] Alabi later metamorphosed into gospel music after she became a born-again Christian.[7]


  • Ore ti o Common (2001)
  • Iwe Eri (2003)
  • Agbara Re NI (2005)
  • Agbara Olorun (2006)
  • Angeli MI (2007)
  • Kokoro Igbala (2008)”
  • kabiosi (2010)
  • Moriya’nu
  • agbelebu (2011)
  • alagbara (2012)
  • Agbelebu (2013)
  • Oruko Tuntun (2015)
  • Omo Jesu (2017)

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