Solidstar Talks Working With Tiwa Savage, Marriage, His Success in New Interview


Talented singer, Joshua Iniyezo also known as ‘Solidstar’ talks about his music career, marriage plans and lots more in an exclusive interview with Punch newspaper.


What projects are you working on currently?

I just released a new video featuring Tiwa Savage and it was directed by Clarence Peters. Right now, I am paying a lot of attention to the video so that it is accepted. I am also working on an international collaboration because I need to extend my brand across Africa.

Why did you decide to work with Tiwa Savage, ahead of other female artistes?

I chose to work with her not because other female artistes are not good enough, but because she was the perfect person for the song.

Why did it take so long to release the video to your song, ‘Baby Jollof’?

We shot two videos at the same time – ‘My Body’ which featured Timaya, and ‘Baby Jollof’ which featured Tiwa Savage. The plan was to release the video for ‘Baby Jollof’ because the audio for it was released before ‘My Body’, but I had already recorded ‘My Body’ with Timaya even though it had not been released. Someone leaked the audio version of ‘My Body’ online and it went viral. Because it’s a fast song, clubs started playing it without delay. We held back the video of ‘Baby Jollof’ and released ‘My Body’ since they are not of the same genre. ‘Baby Jollof’ is a highlife song, while ‘My Body’ is a dance hall-reggae song. Dancehall-reggae was the rave of the moment at that time.

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You have had your fair share of scandals and your chat with Timaya detailing a sexual escapade, readily comes to mind. How did you deal with the embarrassment?

That conversation was forged by who I do not know. I respect Timaya a lot; we are friends but there is a limit to the kind of things we do together. I cannot have such a conversation with him. I have never slept in the same hotel with Timaya from the time I started my musical career, so I wonder where that incident took place. However, I am used to being roped into scandals; that is what gives bloggers money and fame. It’s the same way music gives me money, so it is allowed.

What is the highest amount you have been paid to perform at a show?

I don’t think I would like to talk about it because it is personal.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, I write my songs.

Ajegunle where you grew up has produced several talents…

I have been signed on with Achievas Music since I began my career and I am still with them, even though I have my record label which is Badass Music. Already, I have an artiste, Jojo, who joined the label last year. I will be working on his project, and I intend to go to Ajegunle to look for more talents because that is where I have my roots.

What made you successful in the entertainment industry?

I kept my head straight and remained focused even when things went wrong. Also, I have remained humble and prayerful.

What were some of the challenges you encountered as a newcomer in the industry and how did you overcome them?

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As a newbie, I was always shy and my performances lacked excitement. I worked on myself, started moving with new friends, performed at bars and clubs etc. Although I got disappointed a lot of times, I still had high hopes. I give glory to God, and the CEO of Achievas Music, Paul Cole, for his belief and patience.

How would you describe the competition in the industry?

I do not see any competition going on; others may see it as a competition but I don’t. I am not competing with anyone. I just do what I have to do and leave the rest to God.

Why do you not clamour for endorsements deals?

My management is working on that.

How do you enjoy the female attention that comes with being a musician?

My kind of music is always directed at females. I like being around ladies, although it is not geared towards taking advantage of them. They inspire me and whenever I come across a female fan, I make sure she has something positive to tell a friend about me.

How have your family and friends put up with your recent fame?

They do not complain about it, they have always given me their support till date. They are supportive of my career.

Do you have plans to walk down the aisle soon?

I do not have plans for that yet. I am not ready for that, I need to work for my unborn children to be comfortable even when I am no more.

How do you intend to remain relevant in the entertainment industry?

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I always thank God for my talent because I think it is a special one. I will continue to make music until I am tired. All I need is just a good beat and the microphone.

What does style mean to you and how do you like to dress?

Everyone needs a style, because you get noticed immediately when you have a unique style. It might be the way you dress or your hairdo. For me, I have a unique hairstyle and a simple but unique dress sense.

Do you workout or diet to stay healthy?

Not really, I just do push-ups and eat the right meal at the right time.

Artistes who wear dreadlocks are known to be rough; are you?

No, I am not rough, but I think I am on stage.

How extravagant are you?

I am not extravagant and I do not indulge.

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