10 Real Facts you Probably didn't Know About Lil Kesh

10 Real Facts you Probably didn't Know About Lil Kesh

10 Real Facts you Probably didn’t Know About Lil Kesh

Barely 22 years old, the youngster has started a new street dance in Nigeria. In 2015 his song became one of the top 3 songs downloaded in Nigeria from ITunes and his videos Rated in That year has had over 161,506 views in less than six months.

In 2016 Lil kesh dropped his first studio Album title YAGI which means Young and getting it Under the label Ybnl Nation.

So check out 10 Amazing Facts You didn’t Know About Lil Kesh

  1. As at 2014 , Lil kesh is known to be in 100 Level, Reading the course Linguistics in Unilag (University of Lagos)
  2. Do you know that his first song LYRICALLY was what made him gain his grounds. In 2014 , after his song Lyrically gained much grounds and popularity in Unilag , His friend Viktor who is also signed to the same label shared this song with YBNL boss Olamide.That was his open ticket to stardom and fame as Olamide signed him to YBNL in April 2014.
  3. Ybnl Nation still runs half percentage of lil kesh record label Yagi as A management Company
  4. lil kesh had his first award Nomination on June 11th 2015
  5. lil kesh junior brother is his official Dj
  6. lil kesh took intrest in dancing before he delved into music after watching some of his Peers Rap
  7. Lil kesh has no ambassador deal to his name or contract
  8. Lil Kesh has once had something to do with singer chidinma
  9. lil kesh girl friend name is Tare Deinne
  10. Lil kesh is arrogant and rude at times

Last year 2016 has been a ground breaking year for the young and vibrant artist. Lil Kesh has gone on tour to the U.K . Not only relaesing his own tracks but he has got a albm to his name , he has also been featured in many other hit singles form various artist.

I can boldly say that Lil Kesh is the future, he knows what his fans, the audience and veryone wants .

Lil kesh started young as most artist , but rapping was what he learnt and as we can see he has become a master in the game.

Lil kesh attended rap battles, open mic competitions and lots of little Gig until YBNL boss heard him and here he is today.


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