Pulse Blogger For crying out loud, why is Blackmagic so underrated?


For those who don’t know who Blackmagic is, WHY??? He’s one of the best artistes in Nigeria. When I say best, I mean top class. Like for real.

Mr b-l-a-c-k-m-a-g-i-c on d m-i-c.”

Okay so today I’m sounding off on how underrated I think Blackmagic is.

For those who don’t know who Blackmagic is, WHY??? He’s one of the best artistes in Nigeria. When I say best, I mean top class. Like for real.

Blackmagic, whose real name is Efemena Mukoro is a Nigerian singer/song writer and rapper. His musical style is a perfect blend of afrocentric hip-hop and soul.

I remember listening to Blackmagic’s ‘Tomorrow’ and thinking, ‘Mehn this guy is going to be a star.’ I patiently waited for the day he’ll ‘blow’, but unfortunately, that day is yet to come.

It’s appalling that there are people who don’t know Blackmagic, don’t know many of his songs or don’t consider him extremely talented.

Why do I rate Blackmagic so highly?

I’ll start with his authenticity – he’s authentically himself. With an incredibly original and genuine sound, he’s one artiste who has stayed true to his craft from day one.

His melodious, smooth, baritone sound is one that is nearly impossible to replicate and thankfully, he has refused to drop his standard and succumb to the pressure to sound ‘mainstream.’

Another factor which Blackmagic has going for him is his compellability. His sound is so unique that is compels/draws you to give it a listen, with top notch artistry – great songs, great lyrics, great production, great videos that make your ears and eyes salivate.

The third superpower this great artiste possesses is his ability to connect with his audience; tapping the pulse of what we’re thinking and feeling. His sound resonates with the soul of his audience such that we see the world through his eyes.

What else?

The hit factor. This article would be incomplete without stating this. Any artiste, who has churned out the number of quality hits that Blackmagic has, deserves appraisal. Tommorow, Rainbow, Confam, Taxi, Repete are just a few of his stellar tracks.

So the question is why is such a musical genius not getting the attention and recognition he deserves?  Why isn’t he winning the big awards?

You don’t know right? Me neither.

Well you know what they say, you can’t please everybody; if you try to, you might end up diluting your brand and lose your real core following.

We wouldn’t want that now, would we?

That being said, I personally think everybody should give Blackmagic a listen.  Just one song, instant eargasm is promised.

We love you ejay!

Be sure to check again to see what else I go off on 🙂

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