PeeYuu – Pastor Uvie Mafuru -A Biography


Being the Music Director, it was very easy for Pa Mafuru to spot a very beautiful woman by the name FELICIA and quickly tied the knot in Church with her; a union that produced 4 kids withUvie, later known as PeeYuu coming 3rd. All this happened in Delta State, Nigeria.


Raised by a Music Director dad, and a mum who was also in the Choir, PeeYuu began a very interesting and phenomenal journey into music very early in his life. He started singing in the choir at a very young age; playing the drums and keyboard along with his siblings.


Proceeding to the University of Benin to study Medicine, PeeYuu was highlyUNIBEN involved in music, rising to become a prolific keyboardist, vocalist and later on, the Music Director (just like his Dad) of a very influential Campus Fellowship Choir which belonged to the world renown, Believers LoveWorld Inc. He also was a Campus Fellowship Pastor, birthing the identity Pastor Uvie (PeeYuu).


While serving as the Music Director in BLW Campus Ministry, something happened:

My no 1 fan

My no 1 fan

A young lady by the name ANNA joined the Choir and from the moment she took her first notes as a soprano singer, she struck a chord in young PeeYuu’s heart. She was the best Soprano singer, and years later, they got married, and are currently blessed with 2 lovely kids. So PeeYuu met his wife in the choir; again, just like his dad.

PeeYuu and Sophie

PeeYuu and Sophie


Having studied Medicine, PeeYuu became a medical practitioner by day and singer at night. He moved on to Christ Embassy’s HQ, where he later became the Choir Director- again, just like his dad.



He contributes immensely to developing the Music Ministry of BLW Inc. (a.k.a. Christ Embassy), a ministry known for churning out a large chunk of tPeeYuuhe leading Gospel Music brands in the world today such asSINACH, FRANK EDWARDS, SOPIMG-20160812-WA0046HIYA, ADA, ISAIAH SAMSON, JAHDIEL, EBEN, JOEPRAIZE, PEEYUU, CHRIS SHALOM, OBISHINE, MARTIN PHIKE, VIWE, ISRAEL STRONG, CSO and many more.

He is vitally involved in all BLW Ministry Programs in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. He has participated in several editions of the BLW International Music Concerts and LoveWorld Derizo Concerts that have held over the years.


With TWO Albums Out; Greater Heights -2012 and My Everything – 2015, he has worked with a host of the aforementioned Artists and more; particularly for SINACH, whom we has directed her musical band in many instances over the years.


June 2016, Pastor Uvie consolidated 4 variations of his name; Pastor Uvie, Pastor U, P.U, PU into PeeYuu, and as since began a replacement of all content with the new brand name.


In November 2016, PeeYuu released an amazing single, produced my arguably one of the most gifted producers, MAYO titled, ‘SON OF THE LIVING GOD’. This song focuses on Jesus, the price He paid, and the glorious life He has given to us. It will move you to love Jesus even more. Son of the Living God (370 downloads)


He is a member of the LoveWorld Music Ministry All Stars, and a keyboardist for Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. In May 2016, PeeYuu was privileged to tour Israel with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, alongside Martin PK

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