Okey Bakassi Explains Why He Sent His Family To Canada


Comedian Okey Bakassi is one of the most respected veterans in the comedy genre, but has always kept his family out of the spotlight.

In an interview with ThisDay, Okey Bakassi spoke about his wife, family, why they lived abroad and more.

Excerpts from the interview below.

You don’t talk much about the woman in your life. You are married, how come she is not popular?
I don’t talk about my wife. My reason is to protect her image from the press. Besides, she is not a celebrity how do you want her to be popular?  All I can tell you is that I am a family man and I have lovely children.

What is her name?
I call her Zizi. She is my childhood sweetheart, my ribs and my best friend.

What about your children, how many are they?
I have three children; I have been married for 14 years now. My first child is 12 years old, the second just turned 10 recently and the last boy of the house is six.

Why did you allow your wife and young kids to live abroad while you are in Nigeria?
Well, it is a decision I and my wife took before having children. We planned it that way. My children don’t live in Nigeria they were all born and raised in Canada because of the stress and fears of raising kids in Nigeria. Although, there were rumours that I was hiding my family in Canada, but I don’t care what people say. I am comfortable with them living abroad while I am making the money here. My wife is the best woman in the world. I wouldn’t have been anywhere near successful without my wife. She is the reason behind my success. In fact, she is the brain behind all my achievements.

How often do you travel to see your family?
Hmmm! Let me not count; all I know is that I shuttle between Nigeria and Canada. Travelling is part of my hobbies so I don’t complain at all. But, if any other comedian tries to do what I do, the person’s career will hit the rocks. I am the only person that can leave comedy business for three years and come back and still be relevant. I have been doing it (shuttling between Canada and Nigeria) for the past 12 years. So, imagine I haven’t gone anywhere, I will probably own everywhere. Please allow me to brag a little bit. It is hard work and God. My kids are doing fantastically well. They are making me and their mum proud.

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