My Voice Is A Selling Point For ‘Green Light’ – DJ Cuppy


With Over six years of professional DJ’ing, billionaire daughter, Florence Otedola, better known as DJ Cuppy, has set the tone for her singing career with the release of her official debut single ‘Green Light’ featuring rave act, Tekno.

In those years, some of her achievements of note include an 8-african country tour as well as a number of performances at international events in major cities around the world.

Speaking to Channels Television, the 24-year-old shared her experiences from growing up, to schooling, her love for music and how it has evolved, finding her sound, as well as being a female in a male dominated industry.

“Despite representing Nigeria from outside, I really feel like I’ve been trying to make music, but it wasn’t really clicking. It wasn’t until I came back and I really brought myself back to the roots that I was able to really get that sound and I’m really proud of Green Light. I think it’s an amazing song and I really hope everyone likes it as well.

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She also explained that coming back for her was an intentional decision she had made because she felt it was necessary to return to her roots and create the kind of music that she actually loved.

“Coming back for me was making that choice, despite having options, making sure that actually, I don’t forget where I’m from and that was very important for me because I found myself sort of DJ’ing in amazing places like Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, Spain, everywhere but I felt like actually I really wasn’t catering to where I love which is Lagos.”

About Green Light

Furthermore, Cuppy explained that although she may not have an amazing voice, she has a voice that still needs to be heard.

“This is the first time and I’m very proud – I sat down in the studio, Tekno and I made this song, wrote the song and performed it. The unique selling point of this song is the fact that my vocals are on there.

“I don’t have an amazing voice, but I have a voice that I want people to hear.”

According to her, the desire to challenge the status quo and conquer new heights moved her to releasing the song and while she has built a reputation as a DJ, the industry might be seeing more of her as a singer.

“The concept of the song is about having that moment where you decide to go for something. I feel like despite doing a lot of things, I actually, am really taking this as a full-time profession, it is my bread and butter, it is really what I’m passionate about.

“So green light for me means really taking that time to go – deciding that despite what everyone thinks Cuppy should do, this is me deciding my own future.”

Beyond growing her personal brand, Cuppy is working to help other talents grow in the industry through her Red Velvet music imprint, managed by an all-female group which she says is a way of empowering women.

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Just like her father, Mr. Femi Otedola, an oil magnate, Florence Otedola, aka DJ Cuppy, is also making efforts to rule her world as an entertainer. Apart from her efforts to establish herself in the minds of music aficionados, she is also telling whoever cares to listen that her long-time mantra is: what a man can do, a woman can do even better.

Unlike some other privileged children, she started to live independently of her parents at the young age. She had a clear vision of what she wanted to pursue later in life and she followed her dream undeterred.
As a mark of her rising profile, she was featured in the April/ May edition of Forbes Magazine, where she spoke on her experience in a male-dominated field, Disc-Jockeying.

For her, the journey into the entertainment industry started at 17, when she performed at London’s top nightclubs and fashion week events. And luckily, she has since been in the warm embrace of glamour and fame. . In the last one year, she has performed for top celebrities and A-lists guests across the continents, making her one of the most- sought- after DJs in Africa.

After her graduation from King’s College, London, in July, 2014, she released her mixtape, House Of Cuppy. The compilation features remixes of chart-topping Nigerian records and launched her brand House of Cuppy in London, Lagos and New York.
Talented DJ Cuppy was also appointed one of the Nigerian Tourism Ambassadors by the Honourable Minister for Culture.
It will be recalled that her billionaire father and one of the richest men in Africa had featured the November 2014 edition of Forbes Magazine.

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