Kach Premium Music Artist releases lavish music video OLO


Uche Kachikwu A.K.A Kach ,Son of the newly appointed GMD releases the musical video to his song “Olol”. Dr. Kachikwu is widely glorified for his sense of style and for his love for entertainment I.e writing. He is the owner of the highly recognized Complete fashion magazine and was also the creator of the Hints” franchise.

It seem the Apple has not fallen far from the tree, with his son showing similar traits and an apparent passion from music in this catchy song Olo.

The video features a Rolls Royce, an immaculate mansion and other luxurious items, which illuminate the extravagant lifestyle of the GMD’s son. All in all it seems like he has a talent for music and has all it takes to really make an impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry . Look forward to hearing more songs and watching more videos from the Signature record signee.

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