‘Finding a partner is fulfilling’- DOMINIC MUDABAI


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Former Ultimate man, Dominic Mudabai has finally found love. Though evasive about wedding plans, the handsome dude told ENCOMIUM Weekly about his love for health and fitness, his relationship and more…What is Dominic Mudabai up to?

I am into fitness, health and wellness industry. The business of providing optimal health. I am doing that under Wung Fitness and Wellness.

Wung Fitness and Wellness provides services such as personal training, group training, wellness advisory, corporate wellness, health advisory, brokerage and more.

Dominic Mudabai

Dominic Mudabai

The awareness, instructional, information and entertainment in fitness and wellness is also another part I am building with Watchwung Entertainment Company that will come to present what I coined to be “Edufitainment” which is simply broken down into education, fitness and entertainment. Then of course, I still model (current face of Stanbic Pensions) and do a couple of entertainment activities.

A lot of fans thought you would have ventured into the entertainment industry like other GUS winners?

The entertainment industry is broad. In Nigeria, it is music, movies and sitcoms taking the headlines. I just do what God enables me to do.

We learnt you are a celebrity fitness trainer now, can you tell us about it?

Though Gulder Ultimate Search is Nigeria’s biggest reality TV show, it is still not a talent hunt show but a youth development platform. It brought the celebrity platform and I brought the passion for fitness and thus the term Celebrity Trainer.

What prompted the desire to go into that field?

God given work, passion and talent. I realized that some people are not engaged in what they love or enjoy doing. For some, what they are involved in is a matter of circumstance or the drive for material things or motive. As a Christian, I have learnt that a man should be in God’s presence, know his work, be strong in his work that God gives him and do exploits. Adam’s work was to name. I also learnt I have a passion for fitness and health and thus my talent because what your passion is, there lies your talent.

What are the basic challenges peculiar to your job?

Transportation to and from my business locations. I have come to accept that traffic is a major financial problem. The hours a Lagosian spends in traffic is ridiculous and not economical.

What is your relationship with other GUS winners?

My relationship with other GUS winners is very friendly and cordial. We keep in touch, we hang out and drink our favourite beer, Gulder.

 What is your relationship with the Gulder brand now. You were in the gym in the last Gulder commercial The Cube, was that on purpose?

Yes, The Cube, we were on a mission and thus we were summoned, I was in the gym at the time. I also enjoyed the shoot. The Gulder brand team have really been supportive, they are the ones that factored into the advert the concept of me in the gym. They have also put in other Gulder commercials. I thank God and thank the ever brilliant Gulder brand team.

We learnt you have found love, how does it feel?

It feels fulfilling and this is where God wants me to be. I thank Him greatly. The bible does not lie on anything and particularly when it says, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from the Lord.” It’s like I am in God’s favour lounge.

So, tell us about her?

Believe me, when I say the best way I can describe her is for me to say she is my Proverbs 31 woman with beauty.

How did your path and hers cross?

At a gym and that was where I proposed.

What was the attraction?

It wasn’t an attraction, it was a ‘word’. It was spoken to me.



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