Exclusive Interview With Reminisce On #BabaHafusa – Let The Countdown Begin [+ 5 Things To Expect On The Album]


Last week, I hung out the boys and we had banters into the night. It was tons of fun what we did, the discourse hovering around Music, Politics and whatnot.

Dami of The Beat was in the building. And Reminisce, Uche Briggs, Edward Ayide, Tosin Adeda, Tola Sarumi et al – all strong music minds

As we passed time over drinks and grilled stuff, everything alfresco, I hollered at Reminisce for a bit and we ran through the soon-to-be-released #BabaHafusa project inside his Mercedes.


“My fans are yearning… they have been shouting out, they say it’s been a while, and they want this new one to drop almost immediately. But we are taking our time. We are polishing and listening to everything all over again, me and my team. We like to get every single detail right, because we respect the listeners and we believe they deserve nothing but the best.”


He sounded really zesty. Breaking down the album, he stated 5 Major things to expect on it. It is scheduled for an April 30th release, and we hope he thrills with these aspects of it as he tells me.


“It’s a good album, [they can] expect nothing but quality stuff…”, he went.


  1. I don’t have too many features on it.”


  1. “#BabaHafusa is music the way I enjoy [and believe you all will] enjoy it.”


  1. “Not to brag or boast but there’s versatility and standard production on this.”


  1. It provides a spotlight for my Artiste, Sojay, and shows the world his many abilities”


  1. “The artwork on this will be a reflection of my struggle as a father… I hope to satisfy my fans home and around the world with this. I have loads of them and they are the reason I am here.”


Well said then, let the countdown begin. Here’s a toast to good music, and as we hope #BabaHafusa is worth its salt, enjoy Tesojue, a cut he dropped late last year.


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