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Beats Generation: The Nigerian musicians who are changing the sound of global pop.

★STARS★™★ Sep 21 2018

After Years of Abusive E-mails, the Creator of Linux Steps Aside

★STARS★™★ Sep 20 2018

Hillary Swank Privately Marries Philip Schneider

★STARS★™★ Aug 21 2018

Meghan joins The Queen for first time on Buckingham Palace balcony as the Monarch recovers from cataract operation and ditches her sunglasses to celebrate her official 92nd birthday

★STARS★™★ Jun 16 2018
Movie News

'Game of Thrones': The 10 Most Gamechanging Moments

★STARS★™★ Jun 16 2018

French Cheer Legendary Gangster’s Daring Prison Break

★STARS★™★ Jul 12 2018

LISTEN UP How Kanye West Nas’ New Album ‘Nasir’ Amazing Imperfection

★STARS★™★ Jul 1 2018

Anne Hathaway’s ‘Ocean’s 8’ Castmates Stepped Up Big Time When She Needed To Breastfeed

★STARS★™★ Jul 1 2018

Learn How to Charge Your Phones Properly with Pictures

★STARS★™★ Jun 25 2018

MARK ALMOND: Abramovich’s decision to drop £1bn Chelsea stadium isn't just a hissy-fit by a spoilt Russian oligarch - it’s FAR more menacing and could be an explicit instruction from Putin to even the score with the UK

★STARS★™★ Jun 6 2018
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