African celebrities have joined their American counterparts in cross dating each other. From Bonang Mathebadating Dbanj last year and moving on to AKA Worldwide in the space of a few months. Now Idris Sultan the last BBA winner is now dating former Miss Tanzania 2006 and actress Wema Sepetu the ex girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz.

Big Brother Africa 2014 winner Idris Sultan has declared his undying love for Miss Tanzania 2006, Wema Sepetu.

The A-list celebrity in Tanzania, made the headlines because of his relationship with music star Diamond Platnumz ex-girl, saying that he cannot stop thinking about her.

In a sappy Instagram post he stated: “Me and you are not the ordinary (sic). I sleep, eat, talk and wake up to only thinking about you. As much as utadhani kuwa you are blessed to have me no no no I am blessed to have you.”

Smitten as he is with the actress, Sultan admitted that their romance was ‘weird’ at the start.

“At first it was weird, me kuangalia ndani ya kabati langu kuona nguo zako na viatu; au ukiwa unaongea na mimi unaniambia vitu kama ‘Hivi baby unahisi akiwa wa kiume utafanyaje maana naona umekazana na wa kike’ au ukiingia jikoni kwangu and take over my house with good food…” posted Sultan.

The striking duo were caught on camera several times last year cozying up to each other, effectively sparking off rumours that they were an item.

Though the two neither confirmed nor denied their relationship in the past, they have now come out of the closet declaring their love for all to hear.

The sentimental BBA winner revealed the things he treasures about Wema stating: “The way you look at other women wakinisogelea…how you always know when I need a kiss or a tight hug. The way you force me kuangalia Disney Channel, how you wake up early these days to make me breakfast…”

Sultan praised his beauty queen girlfriend for her looks saying: “I might bring you the most beautiful rose flower in the world and it will never look even half as beautiful as you are.”

Concluding his emotional message, Sultan vowed that he would spare no energies in making the love of his life a happy woman.

“I would move mountains and planets just to make you happy. I will protect you, love you, spoil you, fight with you, cook with you, watch movies together, drive at night for no reason, sit with you and just stare at the stars. You’re more than I ever asked for; you’re my everything. My Wife.”

Baby daddy drama

Wema Sepetu is expectant, but does not know who is responsible for the pregnancy PHOTO/COURTESY

News that Wema Sepetu was expecting a child made a big splash in Tanzania’s dailies, especially since many had speculated that her ‘childlessness’ was the main reason that she parted ways with Nana hit-maker, Diamond.

This media buzz was soon overshadowed by a revelation, made by a close friend, that she (Wema) may not be sure about the paternity of her child.

According to Tanzania’s Risasi newspaper, a popular member of parliament in the country could be responsible for the film star’s pregnancy. The news outlet claims the legislator has been funding Wema’s glamorous lifestyle in Dar es Salaam.

Wema’s friend, who sought anonymity, said that Sultan was also ‘chopping money’ on the Tanzanian beauty. The source went further to state that Wema had told both men that they were responsible for her pregnancy.

With this latest post, it seems Wema’s baby daddy drama is over. Or is it? Time will tell.

All these frenemies though….le sigh

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