D’PRINCE To Address The Issue Of His Baby Mama & ”cameroon Girlfriend”


Imagine being a visiting Nigerian superstar to New York City & you innocently allowed a fan to take pictures with you, only to find out she claims to be your “girlfriend”!
In 2013, D’Prince, a Nigerian International star bought a brand New Mercedes Benz, a girl he knew nothing about came from the pit of hell to lay vicious claims she bought the car for him. Nigerian master of Junk speculative destructive journalism gave the girl their platforms to get the publicity she desperately needed to push out her wishy washy song & video. She even pushed her case so hard to tell the blogger who helped her package the fake story that she is the daughter of a Cameroonian billionaire. While she smiled daily, as the firestorm & buzz created by her lies lasted, D’Prince told whoever cared to listen he had nothing to do with her.

As D’Prince celebrated with family members in Atlanta Georgia following the birth of new baby boy by his fiancée, bloggers are pointing fingers at the same Cameroonian phantom girlfriend, as the baby’s mama.
Now, D’Prince is no more keeping mute over these continued distortions and lies. He will go one on one with Emma Agu on Wednesday, June 17 by 12 PM, EST/5PM, Nigerian Time, to clear the air once and for all. The interview will repeat on Friday @ 5 PM EST/10PM, Nigerian Time. A repeat on Saturday @ 10 AM EST/2PM, NIGERIAN TIME.

The extent folks can go in their quest for one minute of fame is what this interview is all about. Don’t be told, tune in.

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